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-<(¯`·._.·[ Sepia no Hi - Inglês ]·._.·´¯)>-

When you withdraw into silence like that
you can't laugh, right?
The picture of you smiling innocently
as you walked through the empty school
as if the wind wouldn't let you fly
is fading,
but even now a wind still blows there
and the tears won't stop

What's left behind after days gone by
is always, just a scene.
The times we played around, the times we crossed each other
I want to see them right with my own eyes.

I can't see you any more
We chased the after same dreams into the distance
Sepia-colored days - always
shine, as our precious treasure.

Bells echo noisily
At the station platform at twilight
I bowed my head a little, my voice couldn't reach you
And it made me lonely

When I think about expressing my feelings,
why do the words suddenly disappear?
Even though I realize what's so precious,
so irreplacable, I can't say it.

Search after something, open the door to your heart.
The sky you looked up at as you were going to give in to doubts...
Stay as you are, believe in your own strength
Let's go in search of a new season.

I can't see you any more
I'm going on to the next stage
Sepia-colored days - Sayonara
I won't forget   how you gave me a big wave goodbye

Pushed by the evening winds
the train slowly begins to move.
Someday, let's come back again, to this place,
to sepia-colored days, to summer...