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Webmaster: Guiru
Date: Wednesday, 5 of January of the 2006
Merry Christmas and happy new year in all of them, I expect that this year is from the best for all !!! Today the web page fulfills 4 years from its inauguration and we are going to celebrate it enormously; at last we have an own GuestBook for all the languages (fact for Guiru ), to make a firm if is not a trouble jeje. Also we bring 5 new Music Videos, how you will always have them in the Multimedia section, we have also put 18 new Lyrics in Japanese, so that you want to follow the letter of the song... Already you know . Afterwards also we bring 2 new MP3, the first is the Opening in Korean and the second is the song of the first film in Korean, another update that has is in the section Midis, with two new: one is the Opening in Korean and the other one is another version of Hitorijime (you will find it like Hitorijime 3) . And already for finishing the update of today, we have a new poll on the next web page that will open up (Animi-Hentai). I expect that has liked you this new that we have brought... we see ourselves visiting!! .
Webmaster: Guiru
Date: Wednesday, 24 of November of the 2005
Hello again visitors!! After having been not updating one more month (because of the examinations, works, etc...) we have returned with a very great update; we have put 694 Wallpapers , yes yes, as you are reading, 694 jeje. We also have a new Fan Art by Aleix Tarragó (look it! ), I have to comment that we are looking for the way of distributing the ripeads chapters for Guiru in direct download, as soon as you do not become nervous... we see ourselves in very few visitors!! Greetings to all .
Webmaster: Guiru
Date: Monday, 24 of October of the 2005
Very good visitors!!! After not updating two months the web page, we have given back with many desires and with many updates . We start so with the new updates; new design and new structure of the web page, new Top Sites, new Affiliates, new language (Portuguese) and nine Webmaster (SyaoranLi)!! This Webmaster will be the attendant of organizing the page in Portuguese (apart from bringing ideas and new information for the web page)... Of this you will already have noticed, eh!! ... But of this not: we have risen both films in three languages (Spanish, Catalan and Japanese), we have also improved the Openings and Endings of the series (they are in best quality). Moreover in the section eMule all chapters are to be able to bring them down, if him that in Guiru of loafer nothing, jeje... We have also put new surveys, these will be updated every month (I promise you it). we have revised all the sections finding errors possible, some have found, if you find more you do not doubt on sending to the web page or to post a mail-him in the corresponding forum . We have also brought two new Fan Fics fact for two fans, if you have any you do not doubt of sending it. Well... I believe already that it is all this... And but it watches at all sections and will already know new things . We see visitors and a greeting in all of them!!
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