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Webmaster: Guiru
Date: Tuesday, 25 of December of the 2007
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !! Today I take a small update to you: 4 books have been added, "Cheerio! TV Illustrations Vol.1, 2 i 3" more the book "Illustration Collection Vol.1". We have brought this update as a gift of Christmas for all of them, already I know that it is little thing... , in purpose, visitors, we see ourselves in the next update!!
Shinnen omedeto. Kurisumasu Omedeto.
Webmaster: Guiru
Date: Wednesday, 29 of August of the 2007
Hello fanatical of Sakura! After some months without updating, for lack of time, we have returned with many new things! We have added 86 new Music Vídeos of Sakura . The great novelty is the new forum, renewed completely! This time SyoranLi will be in charge of its maintenance. All the users will have to register yourselves again to access in it. It will be able to keep being entered to the former forum, but it will not be able to be written in it, since it will remain closed, more that nothing will keep being accessible so that we can redo all the posts, links and others of this forum to the new one, and finally, from here half a year this will disappear completely. We have also updated the list of the top sites (we have erased those that did not work any longer) and we have added the affiliates that they have asked us for it. This is everything for the moment! Thanks by your visits that satisfy us a lot! We see ourselves soon visitors.
Webmaster: Guiru
Date: Wednesday, 16 of May of the 2007
Hello again fanatical of Sakura !! After almost one year without updating we have returned... But with many novelties! We start: "We, Kero," have changed the name of the short one of Kero for "Leave It to"! and we have added the audio one in English and the subtitles in Catalan, English and Portuguese (section videos). Afterwards we have fixed the web so that it can show characters in Japanese (this modification cost it what is his to Guiru ) and we have added some lyrcs in format kanji (in Japanese, lyrics section) and have fixed the poll for unicode version. We have also added the list of episodes in Italian and in Japanese (kanji format) and have modified the title of the series in every language. And now the best thing comes : we have added the audios of the second movie (the sealed card) in Spanish Latin, Portuguese and English (section Vídeos) and have raised 102 new Wallpapers (section Wallpapers) afterwards. Finally we have added the translations in English (the same ones that to kanji) of the lyrics (lyrics section). I want for you to comment on several things: we have eliminated some TopSites that did not work, have also eliminated some members that do not work and some that did not have us in its web and have added a new member, it is TotsRucs, and finally that we have changed server, and that now any longer there will not be publicity (except some banner that we put) and that we expect this server not to fall as the previous one, since this is of payment. Thanks to all for visiting us!! We soon see family ourselves .
Webmaster: Guiru
Date: Friday, 16 of June of the 2006
Very good fanatical of Sakura !!! After having been not updating a lot of time we have returned with a super update, this is: We have done a new section, that of Characters, in the one that all the information of all the characters of the series will find Anime and Manga (to look that section, because those that have not read the Manga will be found with two unknown characters ). Afterwards we have added 158 more images in the section Wallpapers, that already there is a total of 852 and besides we have improved the system of change of page (not he if they have realized this ). We have also added 5 new Music Vídeos (of the best), and these Music Vídeos are: "Dance of the Clow - Kanon OP", "Do It Now", "For the love of Li", "Hanging by a Moment" and "L'amor entre una extranya relació", this last video did it Guiru, I expect them to like it . And, we already to finish the update have a new Poll and I expect you to vote a lot as in the previous polls. Ohh good... Before dismissing me I want to thank all for the people that visit us every day, which thanks to them the web follows very above and which see difficult its closing, like this graces on behalf of all the webmasters of this web (EriolHiragi, Guiru and SyaoranLi) .
Webmaster: Guiru
Date: Monday, 27 of February of the 2006
Hello again visitors !! At last we bring a new update; we start with them. We have new Music Videos, these musics videos are: Get your love, Hitotsudake and Anticipating; as always you will find them in the section Music Videos. Afterwards also we bring new version of the Short of Kero, with the audios in: Spanish, Latin Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese; you will find them in the section Videos . We have put in the OVAs the subtitles in: Catalan, Spanish and Portuguese; you will also find them in the section Videos. We have new games, these are: Adventure and Labirinth (two games of Nintendo with incorporated emulator), and afterwards another that is called Sakura Kiss, which tries to dress the Sakura . Another very good update is: in the forum all the chapters of Card Captor Sakura by download for P2M (in Catalan, Spanish and Japanese) are, they are also in direct download with the audios in Portuguese. In the forum the chapters of Tsubasa RC are also by direct download, (at the moment there is even the chapter 16 ). And, already to finish with the updates have new Top Sites (we have taken away the old ones that had disappeared), and new members: Mangamania Haiwara, Sweet Sakura World and Sakura Fun. A last thing that I want to comment on is: all the people that one that is copying (images of the web, links, etc...) that they know that it is work stolen of other webmasters that they have worked because of that. We see ourselves visitors!! A greeting to all .
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