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 The environment tour history to a girl of 12 years called Sakura Kinomoto, that a day, a book in her library discovers that on opening a series of cards it disperse for all the city, the guardian next turns up of Clow that is called Keroberos and that he tells her: she picks up the cards of CLOW or will be flowed a great catastrophe in the world. Kero concedes her a key in that Sakura will acquire the powers of Card Captor to be able to capture the cards, that each are manifested one in a different way, and on capturing them makes that Sakura can acquire a different power that she will be accumulating. The Tomoyo, a friend of her school, only knows the identity of Card Captor. Is had that to add the presence of characters like Yukito (which is Yue, another guardian), friend of the brother of Sakura: Touya Kinomoto, and of which Sakura is captivated lostly.

The Manga, the same one that published another work of Clamp, Magic Knight Rayearth, started to be published in June of 1996 in the magazine Nakayoshi de Kodansha. The November of that same year started to be collected in volumes, 12 in total. In Nakayoshi it finished in the July of 2000. It is divided into 2 sagas, the first is that of the cards of Clow since Sakura frees the cards until the final judgement from Yue and is collected in the 6 first volumes. The second saga starts with the appearance of Eriol and Nakuru, Sakura is already a teacher of the cards and all cards that she uses become Cards of Sakura. From the volume 7 until the end.

 These are the title pages of the original volumes (from Japan):

These are the title pages of the doubled volumes (from Spain):