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 The Magician Li Clow, is of China origin, his Father is of England and his Mother of China. For this reason his incantation has concepts of both places. But this lived a lot of time in Japan in a big mansion, with big gardens full of Cherry trees, then had his favorite flower. He went the creator of the cards Clow, these are a group of cards with magical powers, in its interior they keep to a spirit with a special skill. The pack of cards consists of 53 cards. Of the 53, one was not availably his or of who he controlled them.

This card was concealed under the mansion and was the one that balanced the power of the cards so that the malignant and benign energies were not gotten out of control. The cards had daily functions for Clow, 4 of them symbolize the Elements of the Nature.

Before his death he planned what would happen with the cards and the guardians, both guardians it placed in the book so that they protected the cards, but with different missions. Keroberos in the front part of the book had to take care that the stamp did not open. Yue by its part was hidden in the subsequent part of the book, it would be the Judge of the one who was going to be converted with the new owner of the cards. Keroberos had to choose the adequate person to keep the cards and Yue had to judge whether it has the skill and the powers to have them.

The Cards, the Book and the Guardians, Clow created the key to open the book, this key transforms into stick and with him it is possible to use or to seal the cards. He also had two more elements that appeared to the series. They are the Compass to look for the cards that Shaoran Li uses, and the Bell of the Professor Misuki.

The professor Misuki obtains the Bell thanks to Eriol, that she traveled of Japan up to England she knew Eriol, the reincarnation of Clow, he still had that Bell that Sakura would use for not losing the judgment against Yue as last resource. The sound of the Bell wakes up to the Sakura the strange dream that Yue originated, if the remember, the dream shows him to the Sakura as it would be the world if the misfortune falls on the earth, it is said that the power of the Bell is joined in the stick of Sakura and like this is how this transforms into the stick of the Star.