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 In order to be able to unload the MP3s you must click on the image of the title page of the wished CD (or on the text Other Versions) and will open a window to you, only you must there click on the name of the song that you want to download. In order to be able to listen them you need the Windows Media Player or the Winamp that you can unload it "Here". If you cannot download the MP3s, I would like that me you communicated.

Original Soundtrack
Original Soundtrack 2
Original Soundtrack 3
Original Soundtrack 4
Movie 1 Sakura in Hong Kong
Original Soundtrack
Movie 2 Fuuin Sareta Card
Original Soundtrack
Character SongBook
Tomoeda Shougakkou Chorus Club
Christmas Concert
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Others Versions

Movie 1 Sakura in Hong Kong
Original Soundtrack
Movie 1 Sakura in Hong Kong Original Soundtrack - Front
01 - Prelude
02 - Spring Night Love Song (Sakura Tange)
03 - Temptation of Water
04 - Worry over the School Report
05 - The Fun is Yet to Come
06 - Suddenly Going to Hong Kong!
07 - Sakura, the Gourmet
08 - Tension Looming Up
09 - To a Foreign Country
10 - Beautiful Visage
11 - Woman in a Dream
12 - Give Me Power
13 - Spring Night Love Song (Chinese version)
14 - Hidden Secret
15 - Trap of the Small Birds
16 - Absolutely Astonished
17 - Mysterious Water World
18 - A Fuse of Battle
19 - Gathering Courage
20 - Storm of Fury
21 - Memories of Clow
22 - Who's There!?
23 - Beyond the Forbidden Area
24 - Mysterious Chaser
25 - Begin Counterattack!
26 - Final Counterattack
27 - Sakura in Imminent Danger!
28 - The Sorceress's Love
29 - Hair Ornament Wet with Tears
30 - Tooi Kono Machi De (Naomi Kaiya)
Movie 1 Sakura in Hong Kong Original Soundtrack - Back