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 Sakura Kinomoto, a small student girl of fourth year of primary one, lives in the city of Tomoeda, near Tokyo. She only lives with her father, a professor of Archeology, and her oldest brother, for her mother died when Sakura was still small. Sakura has a big friend at school, her name is Tomoyo Daidouji, she loves the seam and the photography, lives in a big mansion with her mother. Ah!, and the platonic love of our friend Sakura could not miss, his name is Yukito Sukishiro, is colleague of school of Touya, the brother of Sakura, Yukito is very nice and treatable, gains easily the esteem of any person. For what has been seen, the life of Sakura is very normal, but a day, everything changed, when the opportunity of protecting the world of a terrible tragedy arrives to her life. A day found in the basement of her house, a mysterious book that contained 52 cards, but these had something special, were magical cards. Without wanting, Sakura activates the magic of one of the cards, and dispersed the rest through all the city.

After losing the cards she was visited for one strange to be, that he is made call Keroberos, the guardian of the cards, and when seeing that these are not any longer in the book him the mission of gathering them again tells to Sakura. A difficult mission seems, but as she keeps capturing the cards, she keeps acquiring more magical powers and can use those that she already has to her power to catch those ones. With time visible competitors, who in the end, are done colleagues and big friends of Sakura, accompanying her to her work of protecting the city of the powers of the troublesome cards paid up, keep appearing.