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 This is the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) of bysakura, where you will find the most frequent questions that you do, and like this not to repeat the same answer!!

Why I can not unload myself bans him them and the MP3?
Simply for three reasons, for that the server to eliminated the videos (that if it is like this tell me sending me one e-mail), because your browser is not Internet Explorer 6 or also because we are going up new that if it is this case it would be seen in the updates.

Why the webmaster of bysakura they do not answer for e-mail?
It can be that we have a lot of task, that is normally the case, or because we have caught some holidays (it would be seen in the updates) and also can be the possibility that has passed one unexpected and would not be marked on the main page.

Why do the sections and the web not work correctly?
It can be that the server of ieFactory is renewing the server since it happens every 2 or 3 years, so that the server is always faster and it is always in functioning.

Why are any images not shown?
If it is the case of the Top Sites it is that they have eliminated them, because they are doing reforms or that the server where they are lodged there is some problem, in the case of the images of Sakura, communicate it to me quickly to fix the problem with the images.

For which bysakura sometimes does it often update more?
Because we exceed in time and we can make ourselves more sections, it is otherwise because we have to do things and we can not update often.

Why have I not been able to afiliate?
To the the message sent to be affiliated not to being sent correctly when e-mail or because you have not complied with the norms that we have indicated in the membership section.

Can I collaborate in bysakura?
Yes, if you have images, fan arts, fan fics or videos that we do not have, it would please us that you contacted yourself with us to be able to raise to the web the images or videos that you have passed us, in exchange we will put of who to being sent (the mail of the one who sent it included).

How do you do so that your web comes out in the searchers?
Very easy, the key is in the description of the web in HTML, if you do not know which is the code, you can search it in google, there insurance that codes of sample come out to catch.

When will you put another design?
We have already changed design twice, we expect it to pass a lot of time before changing it again, since this is gripping and thanks to this fabulous design of bysakura we are receiving many congratulations, the next design, will be just as pretty as the current one or even more!!

Will the web of bysakura close?
At the moment we do not have thought in closing ever this web, but if some day passed something maybe some Webmaster would abandon the web and alone there would be one to the charge.

EriolHiragi, Why did you choose Guiru?
Because he knew that the had very much information of Card Captors Sakura, and also for his knowing how to dominate perfectly the HTML, the JavaScript and a little of PHP.

You have thought in catching some other Webmaster?
I do not think that we choose another Webmaster for the web of bysakura, since with the two of us we fix them to ourselves very well, but if we chose one that knew HTML, JavaScript, PHP and he knew Japanese and French.

Can any person do her own web?
Yes, clearing, only has to have a little knowledge of HTML, since it is quite simpler than the PHP, but with the PHP dynamic webs can be done with a very good design, with the HTML also but the PHP goes better.

Why to some places you have left your videos?
I know I have left them to the Webmasters that always have problems to go up the videos, and for their being of confidence and their helping to the web, but in exchange have had to indicate that the videos are property of

Why do the games not work for me?
For you not having opened it with the emulator, or for which the game he to being broken, if it is like this we will have to remove the game and to find one that I worked.

Well, these are the most frequent questions that do us, if they did us one more we would place here!!