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 These dresses are some of which the Sakura used the cards to capture and to transform; the dresses of sakura are made by her best friend, Tomoyo. If you want them to see it bigger to do click on the image, if some image is not shown I would like you to communicate it to me across the Forum.

This seems me precious, Tomoyo had to make a lot an effort to make it. In this we can see a big red layer, with a cap to set; it is quite similar to the one that they use in the school Tomoeda, but of another color. The ribbons are big and of blue color, with a small decorative in the end. The body that takes to set also is very well, takes some very pretty ornaments.

This gives the sensation of being very modern, besides being also very pretty. This dress is accompanied by a radio that places herself as if about some earphones people were, so he allows the Sakura to communicate with Tomoyo and Kero. It also has some marvelous shoulder pads of metal color.

This dress that our darling Sakura exhibits, has some pretty wings of Bat of black color that go to set with the gloves, also black. This dress is green for what it combines very well with the pretty eyes of Sakura, and also these sinuous rhombuses of blue color that are for all the dress have to be highlighted.

With this other dress Sakura is seen to to him very good-looking, the cap that takes matches it a lot with the dress. Besides the dress is full of bells or bolitas. Tomoyo even made it of waterproof way, so that Sakura did not get wet against the card of the water... I love this dress me.

Here another also marvelous comes, good... They are all marvelous provided Sakura goes out. This dress seems very futuristic, and these colors sit it wonderfully, besides the form of the dress is very original, has form of bell.

The dress that takes Shaoran is good-looking, but not so much as those of Sakura, jeje is joke =). Well for as you can observe it is of green color with some decorations, we can also see his cap and his sword with which he does his incantation to fight against the cards Clow.

It has to be said that this dress is not so ugly either and it is given atmosphere in China as that of Shaoran with the symbol of the Ying-Yang. A dress is very comfortable to fight because how we already know Meiling does not have magic, but it is good fighting, and she is more if Shaoran is with her.

This at first was not going to enter, but good... Here is the stick in which Sakura captures the cards of Clow. As we already know the stick is at first a pendant until Sakura catches it and transforms it into the stick. This has some wings in the top as if they were of an angel.